KDE RAD.E8 Iconsets - A Den 4 Project


The RAD.E8 iconsets are ports of icons created by RAD.E8 design (http://www.rad-e8.com). These packages started out strictly as ports but after a couple of packages, I thought there has to be an easier way to doing this. Hence the buildset script that came about. Buildset is a bash script I wrote to create a full iconset for KDE, installable right through the control center, with just a 128x128 set of icons (apps, mimetypes, filesystems, devices), and 32x32 icons for the actions. Why download these 10+ MB of iconsets when you could let the end user of the iconset convert them?

As far as requirements for the script, it needs tar, some type of compressor (gzip or bzip2), and convert from ImageMagick. Most modern Linux distributions as well as BSDs should include it. The icons included were used with permission of RAD.E8 Design, additional icons used from other iconsets with permission or distribution consent. Please see accompanying pdf in each package for RAD.E8 info.


Buildset Script ~7.7 KB

AquaE2-RAD.E8-3.1 ~6.5 MB

Graphite-RAD.E8-3.1 ~6.5 MB

Lime-RAD.E8-3.1 ~7.2 MB

SNOWE-RAD.E8-3.1 ~6.3 MB

SNOWEAqua-RAD.E8-3.1 ~6.4 MB

SNOWE2Tangerine-RAD.E8-3.1 ~6.8 MB

SNOWE2-RAD.E8-3.1 ~6.5 MB

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